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Crystal Works - Web Development Studio

A small company based in the beautiful city of Brasov, central Romania, specialized in web and mobile development services for small to medium-sized businesses.

Our Work

Our proven expertise in Web and mobile applications development, SEO, databases and standards compliance makes us a one-stop solution for all your business needs. Don’t take our word for it, check out a small selection of our previous projects:

  • SVA - First
    SVA - Second

    School of Visual Arts

    As part of the Funny Garbage development team, we were tasked with implementing a fresh fully responsive design for the new School of Visual Arts web-site, all powered by a state-of-the-art Symfony 2 back-end and CMS.

    Our role / Technologies
    HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Responsive, PHP5, Symfony2, MySQL, Doctrine, XML
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  • Star Trek - First
    Star Trek - Second

    Star Trek

    A joint effort between Funny Garbage and Crystal Works for turning StarTrek.com into a modern web presence, leveraging its active community and ongoing brand-related events, all powered by a scalable custom built back-end and CMS.

    Our role / Technologies
    XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP5, Symfony, MySQL, Doctrine, XML, Web Services
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  • The Oogieloves - First
    The Oogieloves - Second

    The Oogieloves

    In the lead up of the first Oogieloves movie release, we have been tasked by Funny Garbage to handle the front-end development of this graphical-intensive, interactive web experience.

    Our role / Technologies
    XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery
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  • Annie: The Musical - First
    Annie: The Musical - Second

    Annie: The Musical

    Prior to Annie's return on Broadway, we have teamed up with Funny Garbage to deliver an educational, mobile-friendly, interactive experience similar to what was previously possible using Flash, but leveraging cross-platform web technologies.

    Our role / Technologies
    HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Hype, Mobile compatibility
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  • Haw Contemporary - First
    Haw Contemporary - Second

    Haw Contemporary – Art Gallery

    A long time partner of Crystal Works, mr. Bill Haw approached us for creating the online presence of his newly opened Kansas City art gallery. We have handled all aspects of the development, from a fully responsive front-end implementation, to a high-performance and scalable Symfony 2 back-end.

    Our role / Technologies
    HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Responsive, PHP5, Symfony2, Doctrine, MySQL, Sonata
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  • Curious George - First
    Curious George - Second

    Curious George – Games for Kids

    This suite of games and activities for kids is another Funny Garbage production we have contributed to as part of the development team. "Soccer Mini-Golf", "Find the Dinosaurs", "Magic Seeds" and "George's Neighborhood" are only a subset of a growing collection of minigames we have implemented using HTML5 and the Cocos2D JavaScript framework for a seamless mobile-friendly interactive experience.

    Our role / Technologies
    HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Mobile compatibility, Cocos2D-html5
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  • Krampage - First
    Krampage - Second

    Krampage – A Funny Garbage original for iOS

    Under the creative direction of Funny Garbage, we have helped bringing the story of Krampus – a European traditional Anti-Santa character – to every iOS device out there. We have handled the technological implementation of this native app using the two most popular frameworks for games development, Cocos2D and Box2D.

    Our role / Technologies
    iOS, UIKit, Cocos2D for iPhone, Box2D
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  • Bucur Grigorescu Ilie - First
    Bucur Grigorescu Ilie - Second

    Bucur Grigorescu Ilie

    We have helped BGI Partners, a reputable local accounting and tax advisory company, launch their first online presence in the beginning of 2014.

    Our role / Technologies
    Design, Branding, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SEO
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What We Do

Whether you have a thoroughly crafted set of project specifications, or just a general idea of how your product should look like, we can provide answers to all your implementation needs. Some of our most competitive skills include:

    • html5HTML5
    • css3CSS3
    • jqueryjQuery
    • javascriptJavaScript

    Front-end development using cutting-edge technologies

    • phpPHP
    • rubyRuby
    • symfonySymfony
    • railsRails

    Back-end development using PHP and Ruby

    • mysqlMySQL
    • postgresqlPostgreSQL
    • doctrineDoctrine

    Databases design, programming and optimization

    • ajaxAjax
    • xmlXML

    Web services implementation using Ajax, XML and REST

    • facebookFacebook
    • googleplusGoogle+
    • twitterTwitter
    • youtubeYouTube

    Experience working with popular APIs

    • iosiOS
    • androidAndroid
    • cocos2dCocos2d
    • phonegapPhoneGap

    Native mobile app and games development for iOS and Android

    • phonePhones
    • tabletTablets
    • desktopDesktop

    Adaptive and mobile responsive web applications

The Team

  • Florin Florin

    Florin Dumitrescu

    founder & lead developer

  • Lucia Lucia

    Lucia Marcu

    senior full stack developer

  • Nicu Nicu

    Nicu Dănilă

    senior full stack developer

  • Carmen Carmen

    Carmen Jurcovan

    mobile and interactive developer

  • Radu Radu

    Radu Sîrbu

    senior front-end developer

  • Alex Alex

    Alex Călăuz

    full stack developer

  • Oana Oana

    Oana Lungu

    junior ruby on rails developer

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